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PRODUCTCoffee grinder A85


The product name:3-Speed Commercial Coffee grinder

Update time:2022-5-10 8:48:25

The product name:3-Speed Commercial Coffee grinder

Update time:2022-5-10 8:48:25

A85 Plus 3-speed coffee grinder

- Virable frequency motor with 3-level speed adjustment function;

- Enlarged 74mm stainless steel burss, 2s for double dose;

- LCD control panel, customized LOGO, one button output;

- Multi grinding modes, multi-language,grinding counter;

- Temperature and humidity display,maintenance reminder and more;

- 12-gear coarseness adjustment to meet requirements from espresso to hand crank coffee;

- Anti-static powder outlet design, no powder flying and clumping;

- Aluminum housing, good heat release.

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Model: A85 adjustable speed coffee grinder
Features: - 3 speed adjustment;
- 74mm stainless steel burrs;
- Digital grinding time set;
- 12-gear coarseness adjustment;
- Anti powder flying&clumping design;
Power:  110-120V/220-240V, 50/60/70HZ, 420-680W
Rotate speed:  1380-2150 RPM

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