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Talent concept:Respect people's value, give full play to people's potential, retain people with interests, feelings and career

The standard of choose and employ persons:Outstanding personality, bold work, open, professional, fair

Gather to culture:Feelings to retain people, career to retain people, treatment to retain people, system to retain people

Work ethic:I am the most responsible person and expert of this position, and I am a compound talent to meet the development needs

Competition concept:Surpass oneself, always one beat faster than the competitor, always do better than the competitor

Wealth concept:Initiative is the first wealth of life

Life philosophy:Speak principle, abide by rules, understand self-discipline, heavy credit

Concept of promotion:Conduct is pass, performance is the right to speak, today is a talent, tomorrow may not be a talent,

Success philosophy:Ordinary people pursue goals, excellent people exceed goals, excellent people create miracles



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