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(1) Strictly follow the maintenance procedures and operating procedures to ensure the maintenance quality. 

(2) Strict parts quality, put an end to the use of counterfeit and shoddy parts. 

(3) The service hotline is manned 24 hours a day and will respond within 24 hours. The maintenance workshop and the front desk do not rest during holidays and Saturdays to ensure that users are available for repair. Establish on-site maintenance system; Timely establishment of emergency repair team, can arrive at the scene of emergency repair at any time. 

(4) Collect fees respect executes city price bureau and my company strictly "maintain collect fees standard", change old piece to return a client, do not exaggerate breakdown, put an end to collect fees in disorder.

(5) Remote fault diagnosis, technical troubleshooting, need to post accessories for prompt handling. If the foreign customers send it to be repaired by themselves, we will expedite the troubleshooting of your machine and finish the repair on the same day. 

(6)The machines repaired by our center are guaranteed for three months. If there is any quality problem due to repair or replacement of parts, our center is responsible for repair. 

(7)The customer has repaired the machine in our center, and can enjoy the half-price treatment of the maintenance fee when the machine is repaired again by our company with the charge receipt and guarantee sheet. 

(8) Establish a return visit system: regularly track the use of the machines (including on-site service) repaired by our company and the service quality of our company, and investigate the satisfaction rate of users and establish a questionnaire of the satisfaction rate of users.



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